// 25 // beer brewer // illustrator // graphic designer // crafter // sweet maker

// australian living in germany //


Hello and welcome to my creative space,

I’ve recently moved to Germany in hope of moving towards my dream of brewing. I have discovered and completely fallen in love with every aspect of brewing beer. I’ve been doing it for about a year now, and I realise now that this is something I want to pursue as a full time adventure.  I have brewed many different beers, malted my own barley, taken several beer courses and I’ve even made a batch of beer jelly. It is something that I want to explore professionally, I want to work and do an apprenticeship in a brewery and one day, I would love to own a brewery of my own.

Before moving to Germany, for nearly four years, I worked as a volunteer in a village which was created for people with special needs in North Yorkshire, England. I loved my work there, and every day brought a new adventure. During my time there I worked in many different areas, including running a coffee shop, and household, I also stage managed a Shakespeare production, and did graphic design work for the community.

In 2013 I graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast, where I double majored in Creative Advertising and Graphic Design. While I was studying, I went to New York on an advertising scholarship, where I visited agencies like Digitas, People, Ideas and Culture, R/GA and BBH and advertising governing bodies such as the 4A’s and IAA.

Contact me at: florajessie@me.com



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